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I use Bricks Builder and while Im not bothered about downloading templates etc there seems to be a lack of templates for other users. The way I work is I create lots of my own templates using flywheel and when a client goes ahead with a new website I just spin one up and update the content etc. And I was wondering if we are allowed to sell custom created blueprints - obviously the end user would need Local themselves in order to use the blueprints but its a fairly straightforward process to add them to your local installation - but I would probably create a small executable file which adds the blueprint zip file to the users blueprints folder automatically.

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Hi @deano.clarke - thanks for using Local and reaching out!

This is a new one for us, to be honest. As far as I know, we don’t have any users who have created blueprints and then sold them for use back in Local. We do have several instances of people creating blueprints and then either hosting them for a free download (like Frost) or setting up GitHub repos for others to view the code and clone if they wish.

That said, ultimately - you own what you create in Local. If you wish to export your site from Local as a .zip, what you choose to do with that file and what you have created is up to you.

I’ll add the disclaimer that we can’t and won’t support questions from developers or other builders consuming blueprints you’ve created; that is something for you to consider as you explore this route is long-term support of the Blueprint.

Hopefully this helps, but let us know if you have any questions either here or feel free to DM me!

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