Can't save a blueprint

Tried to create a blueprint from one of my local sites and Local hangs on “Saving Blueprint”.

Here’s my log:

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Not sure if I need a separate post or not, but I’m having the same problem.

I was able to create one Blueprint a week or two back. But now I’m trying to create more, and it just hangs every time. I have to quit Local and reopen to get functionality back.

Was this ever resolved? @aindaco1 did you find a solution?

Nope - still stuck. Would love to use Local internally but this limits its usefulness greatly.

I’m having the same issue. Does Flywheel ever provide any support/answers in these forums?

Doesn’t seem that way, for many of these tickets.

Same here - this is very disappointing to see no official replies. I’ve just started using local because of this feature and now it doesn’t work :frowning: Back to Mamp Pro then…