Can't access my live site

hi. I’m using local by flywheel on an old Mac but need now to access my live site, which is showing an under construction page. I have now uninstalled Local and Virtualbox and I’m still unable to get to my live site on the Mac. I can access it from my iPhone and iPad so its still live i just cannot get to it on my Mac. Help!!!

Hello, I have the same problem. I developed a web site on my mac with local by flywheel. Then I migrated this site with the same URL to hosting account. I did it manually. Now I can access to the web site with a mobile or another computer but not with mine. I flushed the caches (browsers, dns). But it does’nt work. When I type the URL in my browser, it takes a long time to search and then a message says that the waiting time is over.
Do I have to uninstall Dockers, VirtualBox and Local By Flywheel ? Thanks for your help.

It’s been two weeks since I posted this question and I’ve had no replies from anyone at Localbyflywheel so either the can’t give a sh1t or the problems is a serious one and they are working on it! Either way a quick note saying what they are doing about this problem would be nice. I still can’t access my live website from the computer I installed Local by flywheel on. Every other site we access on it are available so Safari is working ok and I. An get to the live site on other computing devices so the site is ok.

Hi David,
I finally found a solution. In the hosts file, local by flywheel has installed local url and domain name that allow us to work locally but that prevent us from accessing the web site. Just remove them from the file for it to work. Here is the procedure ;

  • Open Terminal
  • Type sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
  • Enter the administrator password
  • remove the url and domain name installed by local by flywheel
  • To save changes in nano, press Control-x and then “y” when prompted.

For more informations, search How can I modify my hosts file


Hi Thierry

Thank you so much for this information. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and let you know how I get on although there’s a bit too much “techie “ stuff for an old fart like me to work around.



Hey @davidllewellyn and @thycaron,

So sorry that you’ve been seeing this issue! This is most likely because the URL that your local site is using the same domain that your live site is. You should be able to resolve this by changing your domain on your local site on your site overview. I’d recommend making it “sitename.local”. Then you will be able to visit the live site on the Mac. Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any more questions!


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Hi Keegan.
I’m sorry but I thought the whole idea of “Local” was that you created your site offline and then migrated it to a live site when finished. If you have to rename it something that is different to the live site then there’ll be a lot of editing to change the “local” name to the live name. Not much point of doing it on a local site at all really. You might want to let your YouTube promoters know as the one I watched, and as a result installed Local, praised how you could have the same url on both the local and live sites, which you are now saying is not right. As to my current problem I have now deleted “Local” uninstalling everything I can think of and have gone back to building my site in a live environment on devices other the one I had “Local” on and I’ve now got to spend hours trying to find out how to sort that device out! Not a happy bunny!