Can't access site after live link - HELP PLEASE!

I sent a live link to a friend today to check the site I’m working on. All went well.
I went to Local, disabled the link when she was finished.
Clicked on Admin to make a few changes. Tried to login. Took me to the homepage (frontend).
Tried to access the dashboard. Another login appeared. After submitting, I get the error message 'You do not currently have a Shield Session, please login again. Huh? I do have Shield, it was one of my base plugins, but haven’t set it up yet, it’s only installed.
PLEASE help… I’ve tried deleting the site & reinstalling from a backup. Same thing. I have one older backup, which would mean I’d lose 4 days work, but I don’t think that will work either.
Will this resolve itself after a set amount of hours? Am I correct in that it was from sending the link and exposing my IP address temporarily?
Thanks in advance, please give me good news…

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