Can't Install 5.0.7 on my MacOS Catalina 10.15.1

Hey. I have successfully downloaded the new 5.0.7 … it sits here on my desktop. I double click and nothing happens. What is the trick?

Hi @maryultramod,

Does the DMG fail to open or is it “Local” itself that’s not opening?

If it’s the latter, can you try moving Local to /Applications?

Yes thanks for the response. I have done both. Moved it to the applications folder( nothing happened there either) and double clicked the .dmg which has not responded or opened.

Got it! In that case, I’d recommend re-downloading 5.0.7 in case the download is incomplete/corrupt.

You can get the direct link here: 5.0.7 (Beta)

I’ve downloaded this thing four times today… including this link twice now and it is dead as a doornail.

Also 3.0 is dead too. It is installed but will not open.

Meanwhile I have two sites in development that are sitting on my desktop ( I exported them today from 3.0 in zip form and paying clients waiting for then to be live. ) .

What Do I Do?

Have you recently installed any type of antivirus, upgraded macOS, or made any other major changes to your Mac lately? It seems a bit suspicious that both Local Classic and Local Lightning aren’t opening.

Also, can you provide a screenshot of the info that’s provided if you right-click on Local and then go to “Get Info”?