Can't log in the

Hi there I can’t logo on your website

Local Hub. It asking me for the two-factor verification code, But I reset my phone and I don’t have the key anymore.

Any way around this.

Hey @Crash – I’ll DM you to get some more info and get you taken care of!

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is asking me for a code to logon, i do not have a code nor does it arrive by sms so…
where do i get his code from?

Local hub’s 2FA doesn’t use SMS – it only works with 2FA apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, or whatever app that iOS users recommend.

In order for 2FA to be enabled on your Local Account, a code was needed to be generated using one of those apps. You might take a look to see if you have one of those apps, or some other tool that was used to generate that code.

yes, i have Authy, but no account for Local inside it, also tried the Magic email link but that takes me to the same 2FA screen, so…

How do i get out of this dead end?

that would be great, by email?

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