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Can't login to my WP admin dashboard of my Local site

I forgot the WordPress username and password of my Local website.

I thought it would the same as my Local-account username and password.

Username: ‘root’ and password: ‘root’ doesn’t work (when trying to log in via http://powerbiresale.local/wp-login) , even though that’s stated under my Local-site ‘Database’ tab inside Local.

When I try to reset my password at http://powerbiresale.local/wp-login , it doesn’t recognize my email adress.

When I click on ‘Lost your password?’ it somehow directs me to the password reset page the visitors of my website would use… to reset the password for THEIR account on my website, lol.

So that doesn’t help me to recover my admin username and password…

I tried this method from our forum user ‘afragen’,

By right-clicking on my site that is running, and then clicking ‘Open Site Shell’

You can use WP-CLI to create a new admin user as follows.
wp user create --role=administrator --user_pass=mypassword

So I entered this: --role=administrator --user_pass=mypassword in the command prompt.

After that it looked like as if Local had removed my email adress from their database… :open_mouth:

Luckily I could reconnect my Gmail (Google Account), so now I can get back into Local… I was really startled…

So how do I reset or recover my username and password to access the WP admin dashboard of my Local site?


Here the Local log file:
local-lightning.log (46.7 KB)

Resetting a password for the WP admin of a site is pretty easy! Just follow the steps outlined in the FAQ:

Found the solution here, in case you also don’t know the username anymore, solution 2:

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