Local Site Wordpress Login

Installed Local and have my “test site” up but I cannot access my wordpress Admin Dashboard. No combo of user name (or email) and passwords allows me in. I’m trying my credentials for my remote sites since those are the only Wordpress credentials I believe I have so what am I missing? I want to add themes, plugins, etc. locally but I’m stymied. Please help!

When you created the site it asked you for a username and password. If you forgot these you can right-click on the site when it’s running and choose Open Site SSH.

You can use WP-CLI to create a new admin user as follows.

wp user create <username> <email> --role=administrator --user_pass=mypassword

I’m having the same issue. I just installed Local on my PC, and followed the steps to create a testing site. I can view the default page, but when I go to login, it won’t accept my credentials. I took a screenshot of the username and password I created during the setup process, so I know I’m entering the correct info, but I’m still getting an “invalid username” error. :pensive:

I hope you get better assistance than I received. I got an email from “Captain Obvious” which was of no help whatsoever. Let me know if you do better and get a solution.

Well BOOOOO. Captain Obvious is usually no fun at all (and certainly not very helpful). :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Stay tuned.

Sorry - right click does not offer anything looking like WP-CLI (PS: I was not referring to your post when making my snarky remark to Windsong. Thank you for your attempt to help)

What I tried to describe was in this FAQ. I hope it makes more sense.

Update: I managed to login! :star_struck: For some inexplicable reason (unbeknownst to me and not user error) one of the characters in my username vanished between entering it during the setup process, and attempting to login to the backend. As a result, the username that Local created was different than what I set it to.

Worked for me this time . . . appreciate you sharing the FAQ. Many thanks.

Excellent! Glad everyone’s back to working again. :slight_smile: