Can't Login to my WP Site from Local

I had a site moved to Flywheel and downloaded Local to work on the site. I tried several logins using the login showing up in my dashboard for the site - but it didn’t work.

So - just for grins - I tried the login/password that was with the site when located on the other host. That worked! So now - I have no idea if I’m local or on the other host.

Where the heck am I? And how do I know?

Glad you got signed in! If you pulled your site to Local, your logins are indeed the same as the live site on Flywheel. You can always tell which site you’re on by looking at the URL. The local site will, by default, end in .local. So your live site might be, whereas the local site would be http://example.local.

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Hmm, given that you specifically mentioned “the other host,” I’m wondering if your question is related to DNS.

If you don’t mind sharing the (public, not Local) link, we might be able to help., or related tools, may help you determine which host’s IP is being returned by DNS.

If you don’t want to post your domain here, you can ping it and post the IP address.

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I believe I solved the issue. I’m VERY new to Flywheel so still feeling my way. It didn’t occur to me the login and password are in the database that goes with the WP site (ie - in the database). So, of course, the login and password would be the same. Right?

Thank you everyone for your answers - I’ve added 4 more sites to my account and getting in the groove. One of these days - I’ll be able to answers someone’s question!

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