Can't make xDebug work with phpStorm


I’m migrating from MAMP Pro to Flywheel. First local, then hosting (if local goes well). Right now I’m impressed with Local but I have one issue. I can’t use xDebug with phpStorm.

I enabled XDebug one click addon. I have Chrome phpStorm Debug extension. In phpStorm xDebug is configured. I activated phpStorm “listen xDebug” button. If I try with MAMP, when I reload page, xDebug works. If I reload with Local, nothing happens.

There are four related topics on this forum but neither has a definitive answer :confused:

Please help. Perhaps I need to config a remote interpreter or something. I’m lost.


Hi Deryck,

Have you tried the following?

  1. Go to the site’s Utilities tab in Local
  2. Click on the Configure PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEs button
  3. Open up the site’s app/public in PhpStorm

Then, you should be good to go! Simply click on the bug icon beside “Local by Flywheel” in the top bar to set your browser cookie.

Also, you might also need to make sure that the phone icon with the bug on the microphone end doesn’t have a crossed circle in the earpiece.

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Thanks Clay.

Works like a charm. Have a great day.


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Hi Clay, is this a functionality only available in the MAC version? I’m using Local on Windows and none of my sites have the Configure PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEs button.

I’m trying to setup xDebug with phpStorm to be able to debug my sites, but it looks like the One-click integration of Xdebug + PHPStorm addon is not available on the windows version (or at least I can’t find it)

Thanks, Juan

Hi Juan,

It’s available for the Windows version. There was just a slight hiccup in our build routine that caused it to be excluded from a version or two.

Local 2.2.1 (pre-release) has it :slight_smile:

I recommend to try Codelobster IDE with xDebug.