One click xDebug config in not configuring PhpStorm

I am using the latest version of PhpStorm and the one click ‘Configure xDebug in PhpStorm’ button in xDebug add-on is not doing anything for me.

I have read in this forumn that it will create a new run config, but it is not doing it for me.

Can someone please post the actual config that it created so that I can create it manually in PhpStorm?

Just encountered the same issue - did work before - dunno when it stopped working though :confused:

Hello @quasel,

Good to know that I am not the only one who was facing this issue.

So when it was working for you earlier, what did it actually do for you?

well just that one click and php storm was configured and ready for the remote Xdebug connection - not that hard to do manually - just convenient :smiley:

Hello @quasel

If you still have that configuration that was automatically created in PhpStorm then can you please share it?

I haven’t seen it before and want to know what configuration FlyWheel automatically creates.

Hi all,

The Xdebug configuration is placed in the app/public folder for the site so you’ll need to make sure you use public as your PhpStorm project folder.

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Thanks @clay

It definitely makes sense now and I can see the config file created inside app/public/.idea folder. I was using custom mapping and that’s the reason why it was not available earlier.

oh that makes sort of sense :wink:


Can you please write the Step by Step giude to enable XDebug with this configuration in PHP Storm?

I’ve added new Project from Existing file in my Local Sites/websitename/app/public folder. I choose first scenario and set my public directory as project root and my .dev URL

But I can’t find the config file in my app/public/.idea

Hi Arkadiy,

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Can you please share your giude for Mac

Could you please share the steps for Mac?

By clicking on the Configure button, I could see a file being created here - .idea/runConfigurations/Local-By-Flywheel.xml

But do I have to have anything set up under Edit Configurations in my PHPStorm?

Were you able to run the debugger on PHPStorm?

Hi all,

Here are the high-level instructions on how to use Xdebug with Local:

  1. Make sure that the Xdebug + IntelliJ add-on is enabled in Local. Go to Preferences » Add-ons to check.
  2. Go to the site you wish to use Xdebug with
  3. Go to the Utilities tab
  4. Click on Configure PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEs
  5. Open up that site’s public folder in PhpStorm
  6. You should then see a “Local by Flywheel” configuration for Xdebug
  7. Set any breakpoints you wish to check and then click on the bug icon to start debugging.
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