Change the domain name...I can't access to my website


I created a website in wordpress with the domain name “”, but then I decide to use another domain name in the website that I was already created. The name of the new domain is “”.
So, I went into the wordspress’s control panel and change the domain name from “metodologí” and type new domain “”.
But, when I went to my localhost control panel and click the domain name “metodologí” I couldn’t access to my website. In the browser shows the new domain name “hoy aprendo”…but never open.
In the local control panel showed that I have to fix a problem and I clicked…and show the word “provisioning” and then it looks like is downloading something. But, just keep doing it and never stop.
Do you how can I access the website that I created?

As you see I’m not a computer savvy…thank you for your help.


I’ve done this too :sob: did you manage to get it sorted?