Domain change

Hi friends, i asked a friend to configure a local site when i was busy and she changed the domain from .local to .com, i cant access the live site online when i visit it on the same laptop. how can i overcome it please

Hi there @mjbaptist!

The reason why you can’t access the live site on your computer is because the Local site (or the site stored locally on your computer) is also pointing to the same domain. When both sites are pointing to the same domain name, your computer will follow the path to the local site. You should be able to fix that by changing the site domain on your local site by going to the site overview in Local and changing the “Site Domain” (it’s just below the WordPress version). I’d recommend changing it to something like “sitename.local” instead of .com. Make sure you start the site first!

Once you change this domain to something like sitename.local you can try visiting both domains and will be able to see both the live site and the local site in your browser!

Let us know if you have any more questions!


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