Change to NODE_ENV?


Did something recently change with the way Local handles NODE_ENV?

I’ve started running into an issue that when I use the “Open site shell” feature I can no longer run ‘npm install’ correctly without manually setting the NODE_ENV to ‘development’. (Otherwise it skips devDependencies)

I’ve never had to do this before until today and I know there were a few updates recently, curious if this was a Local change or do I need to look elsewhere?

Hi @zackeryfretty

Do you remember the last time this worked? I thought this was always the case to be honest so I’m curious when it may have been different for you. It’s possible something changed for awhile and then reverted and I didn’t know but I can’t find any references to that internally.


Yesterday lol.

Did you update your Local version since then? If you try downgrading back does anything change?

I updated it a few days ago or possibly early yesterday, can’t recall.

Were you able to test a downgrade and see if anything reverted?

Missed that part of your reply, sorry. I’ll give it a go.

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Thank you! Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!