Changed domain in WP, and now local cannot find it

Hi folks,

First off, sorry for being so stupid.

I changed the domain in Wordpress admin area (setting > general > wordpress domain)

I’ve tried to change things to match in Flywheel Local but that has not worked.

I’ve changed the site domain in Flywheel Local from copywriting.local to bubo.local - Once I did this in Flywheel, it adds .local, so when I visit the site it reads bubo.local.local. When I take the .local away from the site domain and try to visit the site, it directs me to bubo/ (no tdl)

I can get into the db, so if I need to make changes in there I can. I’m not worried about diving into the source files and changing stuff, I just don’t know where to look!

I sorted it for /wp_admin by changing the wpoptions table in adminer. But when I try to visit the site it sti goes to bubo.local.local …