Changing console used by Open Site SSH in Windows


I’m trying Local out and like it so far, except I can’t be using CMD.exe…

Is there anyway to switch the console used by the Open Site SSH? I’d expect that most devs using Windows would have installed an alternative console (I use ConsoleZ for example).

If that’s not possible, how can I SSH into the local server from my local console?


Okay, I think I’ve solved the problem. Basically I just need to run the bat file that’s created in the \AppData\Roaming\Local by Flywheel\ssh-entry\ folder from within my console and I’m in.

I’d still love the ability to choose the console I want to use for the Open Site SSH command, but my short term need looks to be solved. Thanks!

Vote up the feature request:

Done, thanks.

I wrote a workaround guide in case anyone else needs this:

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