Ability to change Windows SSH Client

I’ve got a simple workaround. Here’s what I did:

  1. Run SSH once via the menu, then look for the .bat file in C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Roaming\Local by Flywheel\ssh-entry. Note: I couldn’t find the ssh-entry folder until I ran SSH once first via the menu.

  1. Make another .bat file somewhere in your PATH that runs this .bat file. I called mine wp-test.bat

  1. Run the new .bat file in your terminal app of choice (Hyper, ConEmu, the new Windows Terminal, etc). Here’s a screenshot of Hyper running PowerShell where I run the bat to SSH into my Local instance and run a few commands:

Note: there is perhaps some confusion over the difference between shells, terminals and the Windows Console in this thread (understandable - it’s a confusing topic). There’s a brief clarification in this post from the new Windows Terminal team.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: