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Changing root path, LOCAL can't find wp-config.php

I’ve changed the root path of my wp files
from c:/localwp/mysite/app/public (default root)
to c:/localwp/mysite/app/app (my site wp files)

Now LOCAL can’t find my wp-config.php because it looks for a public folder which does not exist.

Screenshot from /conf/nginx/site.conf.hbs

How to tell LOCAL that it should not look for /app/public but /app/app

Is there another file where i have to change path so that LOCAL knows where to look for wp-config.php?

It looks like maybe you’re trying to setup a Bedrock installation of WordPress. If so, does the reply in this topic help at all?

Nope I’m not using bedrock… Just a WP setup where I’ve changed the path… It works with remote DB because wp-config is just grabbing the remote DB details. But cant connect to the local one because LOCAL things the wp-config is inside a folder I’ve deleted.

I haven’t tested this scenario, but you could try creating a /public folder and just put the .wp-config file in there. In my experience, LocalWP is looking for this directory for it and this works for me with Bedrock configuration.

I’ve tried that, but with no luck… I’ve never user bedrock before and i just want this to work, so i hope for a more simple way… But thanks :+1:

There’s probably not a good way of doing this. You might be able to get the WordPress site configured so that you can access it in a browser, but it will always be a fairly fragile setup.

I’d consider what benefits you’re getting from this level of customization and either use the defaults that Local uses, or explore a different tool that allows (and requires!) a much more hands-on approach to sys-admin.

The likely reason that re-creating the public folder doesn’t work, is that that reference is gone from the running instance of NGINX.

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