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Local still looking in public folder for wp-config when using Bedrock

I can installed bedrock in my local folder and have changed .env and site.conf to reflect where to go to find the root - i have included the full path to the root directory C:\Users\louis\Local Sites\bedrock\app\bedrock\web\

In Local under Database I can see that local is unable to find the wp-config file as it’s still looking in the public directory that no longer exists as it has been deleted because I’m using Bedrock.

I get a 404 not found also when I try and view the site http://bedrock.local

Local version 6.4

Windows 10

Any Ideas how to fix this?

I usually use a Bedrock configuration as well and wish there was better built-in support for it!

Although yes, Local still tries to look for the /public folder (sometimes I just leave it there and add it to my .gitignore file), but I never have an issue actually accessing my projects on the frontend or backend.

If you want to show an example .env and NGNIX .conf file I can try to help make a suggestion!

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