Changing Site Domains w. Multisite

If one changes a WP Multisite domain after having added sites in WP Admin, this is apparently not updated with the “Sync Multi-Site Domains to Host File” button.
At least I had to manually edit ~/Library/Application Support/Local by Flywheel/sites.json, changing the domain from .dev to the new .local.

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Confirmed. The same goes for just using the Local UI to change the Site Domain setting manually.

It looks like only wp_options is updated. That’s fine on single site, but on multisite the wp_blogs table and wp_site table both also need updates.

I’d only update them if there is an exact match to the previous domain. Some domain mapping type plugins will change these values directly, and those values could literally be anything regardless of the domain/directory relationship.

Hey @JJJ,

This should be addressed in 2.1.0+. Here’s the 2.1.0 pre-release if you’d like to take it for a spin: Local by Flywheel 2.1.0 (Pre-release)