Unable to "Sync multisite domains to hosts file" (Existing Local site to multisite)

I have a Local site (hosted on an external drive, if that’s relevant) which we’ve been working on for a while and which we now have to make into a multisite network (main site and a subdomain).

I followed the instructions here from @jake:

In Local 5.x, if you can edit the sites.json file in:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Local/sites.json

That file holds all the settings for all the sites. You need to find the site you are looking for. You can search for the directory name: site-name, and then after that find the multiSite setting. Something like "multiSite":null or "multiSite":"". Change that setting to "multiSite":"ms-subdomain". That will be a subdomain set up.

I did this, and it shows as a “Multisite: Subdomains” on the Local overview—great!

However, when I start the site, I get a button titled “Sync multisite domains to hosts file.” Clicking this does nothing.

Can anyone give some guidance here? This is my first time setting up multisite on an existing Local site. (And, I don’t have a live site to migrate for this).

Local 6.3.0+5756
nginx, PHP 7.3.5, MySQL 8.0.16, WP Version 5.9.1
macOS Monterey

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