Chargement worpress interminable je n'accede plus au site

Bonjour, je n’arrive plus à travailler sur local chargement interminable de wordpress et message d’erreur…
je travail sur mac
PHP 8123
dernière version de local 6.4.3 mis à jour
Votre aide serait la bienvenue

Hi @tommygo

Can you update to the latest version of Local first to try that? To upgrade past 6.4.3 you’ll have to follow the instructions here:

After that if you’re still having problems can you send some screenshots of what errors or issues you have along with your Local Log? Retrieving Local’s Log File

I already do it. the other website works well exept this one. I’ve try evreythings without success. I even try to export the website but duplicator or wpvivid don’t reconize the local format.

Hello @tommygo -

Are you attempting to Import a site into Local and you are experiencing this issue?


Hello Sam,

It’s already done. It’s definitly the one and one site who doesn’t work. I really don’t understand what’s happened with this site. Evreythings seems correct last time i used it.

The Site Domain should end in .Local since this isn’t your live, hosted site. Can you try changing that back?


I’m rebuilting the website.

thanks for help.

No problem @tommygo. Are you good now or do you still have any questions?


thanks Nick

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