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I am working through Zac Gordon’s WordPress Theme dev course on Udemy. As I go through the lessons I’ve been exploring the files a little bit and one thing I noticed is that when ever I try to adjust the styles.css file to style something on the index.php file nothing happens. But if I delete the file all the styling goes away. In the questions panel on Udemy I saw one respondent mention that this has to do with Local by Flywheel He mentioned he uninstalled it, Local, and switched to WAMP and everything was fine. Can any one here speak about this? Is it a problem with Local and if so is there a way to fix it? Thanks, Daren

Hi Daren,

Just letting you know I replied here: Not able to see CSS changes

Hi Clay,
thank you for the reply. I tried going both ways, custom and preferred and
had the same results. It would work for a while, maybe one or two changes,
the I’d have to go through clearing the cache again. I’ve switched over to
MAMAP for the time being but I will switch back asap because I do love the
ease of use and, more than anything the ability to show my clients the site

No problem!

Are you on Windows or macOS?

Also, when you refreshed did you try holding Shift? That will automatically clear the cache on refresh.

I did and a few other things started to show up too but to be honest I
can’t say it was Local, probably not, it was probably my coding. But it
just became too much to try to track it down. I actually think it might be
a thing with chrome too because I’ve started to use Firefox now and I am
seeing an improvement. Chrome seems to be a beast when it comes to cache.
Once I’m done with this project I will give Local another go with Firefox
and see what happens.

Thanks again,

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