Custom blueprints

Is it possible to create a blueprint that get the latest versions of certain free plugins ?? If so how

thanks for your help

Hi @raph,

Not at this time but it’s something we’d love to add down the road!

For now, I would recommend creating the site with the Blueprint and then heading straight to the Updates page in WordPress to update the plugins/themes and core.

This is possible but it would take some set up on the developer’s part.

Here’s how.

I have created a class,
Create a plugin, add that class and setup the JSON config file to automatically install and activate whatever plugins you want. Plugins can be in dot org, GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab.

You only need to activate the plugin on install and the rest should just happen.

You Blueprint would only need this new Dev Setup plugin.

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Thank you @clay. Looking forward to it

Ahhh ! ill give this a shot! thank you very much