Debian 10 + local 5.2.3 = Errors

I couldn’t get the previous version of Local running under Debian 10. It was suggested that I install the latest version but I still get the following error message when I try to view a brand new site. Suggestions? Thanks!

Screenshot from 2020-02-05 15-03-22

I’ve followed the helpers I could find here but even the latest version will not run. I’m adding another screenshot for your viewing pleasure. is there an actual fix for this that doesn’t require manually setting file and directory permissions?

Screenshot from 2020-02-26 14-37-35

Hey @calepwhoward

After installing Local, can you open a terminal and “fix” the missing dependencies using apt-get?

The whole process of installing the initial package, and then fixing the dependencies should look something like:

sudo dpkg -i PATH_TO_DEB.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

Hi Ben,
On my brand spankin’ new and fresh install of Debian Buster I downloaded and installed the latest version of Local using dpkg as shown above. I also addressed the unmet dependencies as suggested. I have a Local icon but when I click it nothing happens. Looks like we’re going backwards now.

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