Define additional domains for WPML

I have WPML installed as multisite (subfolders) and I want to use the experimental feature of having languages in domains.

So, for instance:

  • the site is
  • the secondary site is
  • I’ve installed WPML and enabled it in
  • Primary language is English, the secondary language is Italian

Now, I want to setup language in domains.
This requires enabling sunrise and adding a sunrise.php to wp-content, which I have done and by the way, is not quire related to this post.

I tell WPML that I want to use languages in domains and that the domain for Italian is, which I can do.

However, as expected, when opening the new URL, I get a non resolved name HTTP error.
I’ve added the domain to the hosts file, using the same IP of the original one, but now I get redirected to the original one, which is not what I want.

Can someone please help?

What should I modify in order to let Local understand that the new domain must not be redirected, but used as a “alias” of the original domain?