Delete site from Local UI on a Mac (OS Sierra 10.12.6)

I’ve searched the forum, and I know that this question was asked earlier. But the responses don’t fit my situation.

I’m running Local v2.0.8 on Mac OS Sierra (v. 10.12.6). I don’t use a mouse; only a touchpad built into the computer keyboard layer.

I am unable to effectively ‘right-click’ on the touchpad.

Local’s UI does not provide a ‘delete site’ function. I want to remove a site from the UI and from my local website storage folder. How do I do this?

Hi Robert,

Check out the secondary click here: Also, you can hold Ctrl when clicking to right-click.

With that said, we’re working on extracting most if not all flows from the right-click menus! :smiley:

Hello Clay,

Thank you for the link to the Apple Support article. The right click functionality is so subtle, I would have missed it entirely without your pointing it out. Yes, I was able to pull up the right-click menu and find the ‘Delete’ site functionality.

My response to the designers of your software interface is: “Give us a second way to do something that should be really obvious [e.g. delete a site] in case the first path isn’t readily apparent.”

Agreed! We have this on our list of things to improve :slight_smile: