Local 2.0.5 - Can't delete site's


I am on local 2.0.5 on mac.
when i delete a site it gets deleted it goes away in local.
but when i go to the local sites folder the site is still there.
when i right click and delete it doesn’t want to go to the bin.
it seems it is stuck there.

any ideas how i can delete it ?
cause when i want to re import i can’t do it because of it says the site already exists.


Hi Dieter,

Was this site imported?

This is also due to an NFS bug in macOS Sierra. The easiest way to get rid of it is to run rm -rf PATH (make sure PATH is right) in Terminal.

Hi Clay,

The site was indeed imported from a windows export.
I do alot of importing exporting from and to windows and mac.
As i use desktop windows and macbook mac.

The command did the trick.
need any info of this bug to help fix it?

Glad to hear it helped!

Can you try downloading the macOS version from Local by Flywheel 2.0.5 again? Then, you can try importing and deleting that site again.

If you reproduce it, is there any way you can PM me a link to the import file?

Hey @clay,

I am running 2.0.5 already so im having the problem in this version.
i’ll PM you the file.