Deregister wordpress site

I had already installed and registered a new WordPress theme on my local site but I can’t access the site anymore. It doesn’t open anymore after changing the PHP version. Now, I want to delete the site so I can build a fresh one, what do I do to deregister the old one, so I can use my theme code to build the new one?

Why has this question not received any answer. Is it possible for localwp to help with this problem? I don’t mind paying for pro version to get the support I need ASAP. I need my site to be launched ASAP. This is an urgent cry for help.

I think you might need to ask the theme developer to deactivate the local site so you can activate a new site.

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This problem is an issue with your paid theme and not with Local. @afragen is correct in that.

Depending on the theme, a lot of them allow you to do it via their dashboard when you login to their sites.

If it was something from Themeforest for example you may need to reach out to their support.

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