.dev domain doesn't work

Been using Local for a while now, had a pretty serious issue with my mac this weekend and had to clean install the OS. I didn’t have exports of all the sites I’m working on so I was following the instructions on how to set them up.

I’m now running into the issue that all my sites that end with .dev don’t work. I’ve checked the hosts file and the redirects are there. I’ve restarted the VM, Local App, and mac. I turned off faster docker containers, and tested a bunch of server configurations. Any domain but a .dev domain will work (.com, .local, .net). Anyone run into this issue or have a suggestion on how to solve?

I’m running the most recent release of the local app.

Hi Lee,

The .dev domain has been owned by google for a while now, and in a recent chrome update it no longer treats .dev a local first tld. (Which sounds like the issue you’re having)

There was a support topic here.

Local now uses the .local tld for new sites.

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Adding onto @Phiph’s response:

Local’s default TLD is .local as of Local 2.1.0+. You can change existing sites with .dev over to .local (or any other TLD that you wish) by using the “Change Domain” button found under the “Setup” tab for each site.

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@clay how do we change the default to .test?

Hey Jon,

Right now, there’s no way to change the default TLD but it’s on our list!

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Thanks Clay.

.local is reserved for multicast DNS and while it’s unlikely many will run into conflicts with existing networks, it certainly possible.

I personally have several devices on my home network that use .local and true multicast DNS like my Diskstation, Linux home server, weather station, other workstations, etc… It’s only going to get more likely to conflict with IoT devices joining the party.

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