Do I need to do a manual update going from version 2.4.5 to 3.0.2?


Before I do the upgrade, I just want to absolutely sure whether I’m OK to do the auto update or if I need to do the manual update.

The release note specifically mentions Local 3.0.0 or Local 3.0.1 but doesn’t mention if I have a version that’s older than those two.

Thank you!


FWIW, I did the automatic update today from 2.4.5 to 3.0.2 and had zero issues. I’m on a Mac running Mojave.


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I had to manually update from 2.4.5. I was trying to auto-update to 3.0.2 and the update kept circling. After manually updating everything seemed to worked fine. I’m running a mac with High Sierra V10.13.6.

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Thank you both!

I played it safe and did the manual update. The manual update method was also very straight forward so it didn’t take any additional effort.

Everything seems to be working fine.

In case it helps anyone else, I’m running a Macbook Pro with Sierra v 10.12.6.