Check for new update not working until v5


In every new version i can saw there is a update available in your website.

But I never saw this update in my app when clicking “Check for update” the output is “up to date” even if there is a new one.

I’m using MAC version.

@clay Its could be really nice to have this feature inside the App

Hey @fhfournier!

Version 5 is actually a totally different application. Basically from the ground up so it isn’t something that can be shipped in an update. We also wanted it this way so we can give users access to both versions and migrate the sites at their own time.

I know there are some discussions around a banner on Local v3 of some kind informing users to upgrade to v5.

I hope that helps answer your question! If there are any additional questions, please let us know.

Thanks so much for using Local!

I know, but why i have this option “check for update”?

Im using v5 not v3. I just want to quickly know if v5 have a new version when i open the app


I have the same problem: I’m using Local 5.2.7 and the automatic updates are not working, even if I manually click on “check for updates”.
I always have to download new versions manually.

Thank you

same problem

a lot of different bugs in 5.x and nobody want to fix it

Version 5.2.8 just came out and this time I got the prompt asking me to update. I guess I couldn’t reproduce the bug this time (if this is a bug). I will check again when the next update will be released.

Ok, so now version 5.3.1 is out and I didn’t receive the automatic update. Even if I click on About Local > Check for updates. Why?

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5.3.3 changelog states:

“Fixed issues where auto-updater would be hidden behind the main window”

This is interesting. Looks like this is fixed. Anyway, I was able to see the auto update dialog this time.

Ok, this is not fixed, not at all. I’m stuck at 5.4.1, no auto update prompt, no update available by manually checking for updates.
I’m on latest MacOS, I’ve been using the new Local Lighting since the beta. Maybe I should go for a fresh install?

I am also stuck on 5.4.1. macOS 10.15.5.

This is an issue for me as well:

@clay @tstokes Is there updates on this issue? Having to start afresh with a clean install again would be awful

Hey everyone –

As tstokes mentioned, we don’t have an update prompt for the v3 --> v5 versions of Local.

In general, the autoupdater doesn’t show an update available for about a week or so after a new version is shipped.

This allows users to download a new version if they want to as soon as it shows up here in the forums, but also allows existing users to wait just a bit for updating in case there are any major bugs discovered upon release.

Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions!

For the record, as I write this the 5.5.1 update was posted 11d ago, and manually checking for updates from within Local (5.4.2+3383) still says “Up to date” which is rather at the tail end of “about a week or so”.

I completely understand the logic of not being too aggressive in prompting users to update until a new version has been tested. However, it seems counter productive if I am manually checking for an update - not least because I’m told that the app is “Up to date” which isn’t really true.

Would it be possible to update the update mechanism so that auto update remains conservative, but manually checking for an update always reports the latest released version?

If that’s not possible, or if it will take a while to implement, could you in the meantime post the auto updater release date with the release notes - then at least we know when auto update should work for any given release and won’t be wondering if auto-update is broken or not.

Thanks for the response, however, as you can see in my post above i’m stuck on 5.4.1 so by that reckoning surely i should’ve been able to update to the following versions in the past:

And now 5.5.3 (If it hits the auto updater after a week which i’m not hopeful of)

Surely there has to be a bug somewhere if people are still stuck like me many versions behind?


the automatic update skipped 5.6.1 and 5.6.2 in my case, and today it asked me to update to 5.6.3 (which came out today).

So the automatic update seems random to me.

You’re all correct that this is confusing, and thank you for the feedback!

In terms of why it will skip certain minor point releases – this is precisely why we wait a little before pushing a build to the auto-updater.

In the case of 5.6.1 and 5.6.2 – those two releases had minor bugs that were fixed.

In general, unless you are wanting the latest and greatest from Local, you can wait until the auto-updater offers to update.

Thanks for your reply Ben!

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