Domain name change problem

A couple of days ago I just finished building my first website in Local by Flywheel and needed to change the domain name. The site wasn’t running at the time, so I right clicked on the name and chose “change domain”. I entered the new domain name and clicked “change domain”. Then a spinning arrow appeared with “provisioning” next to it and nothing… else… happened…

I waited about an hour hoping it would finish, but no such luck. I had to quit Local because it was obviously not working properly. When I restarted it, I couldn’t open the site or get to the admin panel. Can anyone help?

This is not the way to “replace” a domain before going live. You can try to change it back to the original “local” domain instead. After that, try a tool like WP Migrate DB to export a DB file with your new domain. BackupBuddy is a good tool too.