Duplicate plugins

Occasionally, I will show duplicate plugins after an update. This happens in all my sites. Yoast, ACF, and WPGraphQL it seems to occur more regularly.

I think it also happens with Gravity Forms, but the error causes me to delete all GF files, and replace the plugin with a fresh install.

Anyone know what causes this? Is there a remedy? It’s very frustrating and risky to have to delete/reinstall plugins after every update.

I found this topic, but it was never fixed/updated: Plugins Duplicated Randomly

This image shows the duplicate plugins, and how what’s happening inside the plugins that causes the duplicate: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Anyone else getting these errors?

I’ve been working on making the update process a bit smoother, especially for larger plugins and those with more files. Some of the code has already been committed to WP Core. You can test it out using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin and setting it for bleeding edge nightlies on trunk.



Interesting - thank you for working on this and sharing!

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