Elementor Background Images not showing over Live Links

I am having the same problem (using Elementor). When I send my client the live link, he can see the layout but not the background images in the sections (all white)…

Thanks for clarifying where you’re seeing this and welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I know that Elementor has some sort of option in the WP admin that allows you to export the styles to CSS files.

Can you try disabling that option so that Elementor doesn’t write the sites to a file and instead includes it within the main part of the page?

I think that should make it so those styles show up over a Live link.

Hey @gesa – I moved your reply to its own topic since the previous topic was specific to Oxygen builder.

The general solution is the same as this other topic related to Divi:

In the case of Elementor, you want to adjust Elementor to not write the CSS background-image rules to a file.

For Elementor, you’ll need to change the “CSS Print Method” (see the Elementor docs)

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Thanks so much, Ben, will try this out!

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