Elementor says: "Your license key doesn't match your current domain."

Hello dear Local Community!

I have installed Local on my iMAC and imported my live website using UpdraftPro which worked well. My live site has a .de URL, in Local I use the same URL but with .local instead of .de. I managed to get SSL trusted and I can open the WP backend as well as the local site.

So far so good. My problem now is the Elementor says " Your license key doesn’t match your current domain. Respectively all the “Pro” features of Elementor are locked.

I have contacted Elementor support already and confirmed with them, that a .local domain should basically work with my subscription. I have also tried other URLs like dev.xxx but without success.

Has anybody experienced the same problem and found a solution for this?

Thanks for your help in advance and kind regards from Munich!


What steps can be taken to replicate the issue? Feel free to include screenshots, videos, etc

System Details

  • Local Version:
    Version 9.0.3+6684

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version:
    iMAC M1, Sonoma 14.4

Local Logs

Attach your Local Logs here (Help Doc - Retrieving Local’s Log)

Security Reminder
Local does a pretty good job of scrubbing private info from the logs and the errors it produces, however there’s always the possibility that something private can come through. Because these are public forums, always review the screenshots you are sharing to make sure there isn’t private info like passwords being displayed.

Hi @Markus_F

So Elementor didn’t have any other advice other than it should work?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin?

Hi Nick-B,
thanks for your feedback. No I haven’t tried this yet. Hower, meanwhile I have installed a copy of my site on a “live” (hosted) dev.xxx domain and Elementor dosen’t work as well.
So I guess this is an Elementor issue and I will aks their support again for help.
Let’s see…
Kind regards, Markus

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Okay @Markus_F sounds like a plan! If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach back out. We are always happy to help!