Problem with export / import between machines

Hello everyone, I’m having an issue with the export/import of a fully developed WP site in LocalWP.

My colleague developed the entire site on his personal machine using LocalWP throughout the process. Once he finished, he exported it following the instructions here: Import/Export a WordPress Site - Local

The Zip file was generated without any issues. However, when I receive the file and transfer it to my machine using LocalWP, the website looks completely different.

Elementor was used for development. Initially, I thought it might be because the account was linked to my colleague’s local machine URL. So, I updated the URL within my Elementor account to match the new URL where the site is hosted on my machine. However, this did not resolve the issue.

I would greatly appreciate your help as this is a client project, and they are waiting for their site.

Hi @nnibarra94

As a first step you can try running a search and replace command to help clean up any mixed content type errors if the domain name changed between your apps. To do this you can simply click on Open Site Shell in your Local app under your site name. The command would look something like this:

wp search-replace 'SITEURL' 'LOCALURL' --skip-columns=guid

As a tip you would:

Check and see if there are any errors as well between mixed content from HTTP to HTTPS or vice versa. You can Trust Local’s SSL certificate, to help avoid insecure content.

If you’re still noticing issues, check to see if you have plugins or themes that retain caching or have a “Regenerate CSS” option. These may need to be refreshed in order for changes to be displayed. I believe Elementor has such an option and might need a “flush”.

There may be other plugins getting in the way as well if they are trying to force SSL/HTTPS.

If you’re still having issues you might open up the console of the page and see what errors are present. Is it still showing some mixed content or some other type of issue?

You might try viewing it in an incognito window, a different browser, or over LTE Data instead of WiFi to see if caching is getting in the way as well.

As another workaround, if you’re still having trouble, you could try pushing the site up to a Demo to see how it looks there. Flywheel offers free 14 day Demos that you could test out: Demo Site

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