Enable CORS with local

I’m using wordpress REST API to develop an app locally using Local. However, no matter what i do, browser isn’t accepting requests from localhost to the Local WP server.

I’ve already tried to customize functions.php adding headers to the rest_init hook, installed wp-CORS plugin and even installed chrome extensions to disable CORS. Nothing works.

I’'d be grateful for any help.

Where are the requests coming from? CORS is for Cross Origin, so if the request comes from the same IP/Domain, no CORS needed.
The issue you are facing is most likely a configuration on the API, than the environment itself.

I would recommend debugging with the HTTP response itself, and searching for solutions online, along with the usage of Postman, to make tests that return more information.

I am using Quasar to develop a web app, so i’m making requests from localhost:8000. I think it’s not the same port Local uses.

I tried many solutions, that’s why i would like to confirm if nothing can be done in Local setup. Things i tried:

Postman also works well but that’s because it ignores CORS.

ps: there’s one thing i didn’t try. There are configuration rules that can be added to .htaccess, but i don’t know how to do that because Local uses Nginx.