Installing Wordpress in a Subdomain


How would I go about using Local to setup wordpress in a Subdomain so I can create a React app pulling data from the WP install using the WP Rest API or is this not possible?

Thank you!

What is exactly you are trying to achieve? Just a website configured as subdomain (e.g. “sub.domain.local”) in Local so you can use WP Rest API locally to communicate with another website? Is this other website local or live?

Local will not have the ability to communicate with live websites by itself (since it’s local), you would have to make a connection php file to open a connection and pull something from, let’s say, a remote database. As for the Rest API, I’m not really sure what you want to achieve with that, but it might not be easy to make from a local website.

If the communication is between local sites only, you might be able to make it work the usual way, using “localhost” as a host.

Maybe we can be more helpful if you give a little more detail of the environment/network you want to create.