Error creating a new site from a blueprint in Local 5.0.4

It is not possible to create a new site from a blueprint (under Win10).
Where can I find the log to report the error?

Note: The blueprint was previously created in Local by Flywheel, imported and used as a blueprint.
Importing in 5.0.4 directly from the original backup did not generate problems.

Here’s the link on how to access the log report: How do I retrieve Local's log file?

I have had some issues with blueprint tries recently, too (I’m on Mac OS) - - my ‘self-done’ workaround until i figure out 'how to do/explore why not working" has been, (this week!) to have my test sites built, started, and just ‘clone’ them to start new build - but yes, this on my 'check list to learn/figure out, when I have time -

P.S. - the Windows “how to” is AFTER the Mac one - - - - :slight_smile:

Thank you (tank13) … not finding the way (so obvious) was a bit awkward of me.

No worries! I confess to being ‘under the gun’ and learned some of this stuff, via chat support from those who use it themselves! :). But have my account set up here, now, and looking forward to exploring, learning, growing together! :).

There are times, when one is battling so many fronts on the never-ending change in speed of light front in this world, that finding work around that doesn’t ‘corrupt/mess stuff up’ is just the name of the game…with note to self…

"Self? put that thing on the ‘figure it out/learn to do better’ list - :slight_smile:

One of the things I have cherish is watching the how the WordPress community has grown and yet, stayed the same - I first got introduced to it in 2009, and well? Have never looked back! :slight_smile: