Error Establishing A Connection


I’ve read all of the current support tickets on Errors Establishing a Database Connection…and tried all suggested approaches to no avail.

I’m creating a local version of a live wordpress site (not hosted by Flywheel); I was able to get the wp_contents and database imported (the hard way…dragging and dropping created a ‘could not unzip’ style error). I went into the localsites folder and replaced the new (empty)site’s wp_contents folder with the folder from the live site. Uploaded the sql file via Adminer, and everything worked…it just pointed to the live site.

So then I replaced the live site urls with the local site urls. I also edited the wp_config file to reflect the change in the database name, username, password…and I suspect the error lies here. However, I have tried numerous combinations of possibilities (database name, username, password as listed in Flywheel; generic ‘root’ and ‘local’…and combinations of all of these). Any suggestions?