Error in windows PC: Make sure you typed the name correctly

I am getting an error while installing in my Windows System. I tried in a few Windows system. Unfortunately getting the same error in all the Windows System. Please help.

Are you saying you’ve tried to install Local on a few different computers or different versions of Windows?

It looks like the installation is failing during the Virtual Box installation process. Can you tell if Virtual Box is listed in your programs list under the Start menu or in the Add/Remove Programs list?

If it is, would you try uninstalling it, as well as Local, and try to install again (assuming you are installing the latest version, 3.3.0, otherwise please try downloading the latest version of Local first).

Local was installed successfully. I received this error while installing Virtual Box. I tried with different windows PC and even different OS like windows 7 and windows 10. Even I tried to uninslling it.

Have you found a solution to the issue yet?
If not, would you try downloading the latest version of VirtualBox on its own here:

We’ve seen this error related to admin permissions issues in Windows. Whenever necessary, grant admin privileges to Local/VirtualBox when installing or running them.

Not resolved yet. Already given administrator permission to that user. I will try the downloading from your given website. Thanks.