Error sharing my site

Hey, I want to share a site with the live link, but only the home page of the site loads, when I click on any other page of the site I get this message:

Too many connections '95f22…has violated the rate limit policy of 20 connections per minute by initiating 24 connections in the last 60 seconds…

The error encountered was: ERR_NGROK_702

Here’s a screenshot, any thoughts about what the problem might be?
Notice that until this moment I haven’t shared the link with anybody. Thanks

Hi Carlos,

Right now the tunnel provider (ngrok) has a limit of the number of connections or resources loaded in a given time. So, if you have a page with a lot of images, stylesheets, or scripts, you can go through the limit quickly.

We’re going to be improving Live Links this year and run the tunnel through Flywheel’s infrastructure rather than ngrok’s.

In the meantime, I would recommend plugin using a minification and/or lazy image loading plugin to reduce the number of requests on the pages.

After my Windows 7 PC stopped working with Flywheel, I bought a brand new laptop Windows 10.
I have just tried to access it and have the same error as above.
I guess, you never got round to fixing this issue? The fact you never got around to responding to my last reply either, just makes me want to give up completely with Flywheel and find an alternative.
Great product whilst it works, and it did for 6 months. Now broken on two machines?
No confidence in buying a pro licence despite your repeated emails and adverts.

Note: This is trying to access the Wordpress dashboard after logging in.