Error SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG with trusted domain and Browser Sync

Hi everyone!

I’ve a problem with ‘trusted domaine’ and Browser Sync. IDK why, but all site with an SSL certificate in Local git an error : SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

I don’t know from when this issue happening, but Browser have always working with this configuration.

Maybe I need to specify an SSL certification in Browser Sync ?

This is my configuration file :

const gulp = require("gulp");
const sourcemaps = require("gulp-sourcemaps");
const sass = require("gulp-sass");
const bulkSass = require("gulp-sass-bulk-import");
const autoprefixer = require("gulp-autoprefixer");
const minifyCss = require("gulp-minify-css");
const rename = require("gulp-rename");
const browserSync = require("browser-sync").create();
const concat = require("gulp-concat");
const uglify = require("gulp-uglify-es").default;
const babel = require("gulp-babel");


// Define css Task
const cssConfig = {
  src: "assets/sass/import.scss",
  watch: "assets/sass/*.scss",
  filename: "site.css",
  dest: "./assets/css/",
  autoPrefixer: "last 2 versions"

const cssTask = () => {
  return gulp
    .pipe(sass({ outputStyle: "compressed" }).on("error", sass.logError))
        browsers: cssConfig.autoPrefixer,
        cascade: true
    .pipe(minifyCss({ keepSpecialComments: 1 }))

// Define js Task
const jsConfig = {
  src: "assets/js/app.js",
  watch: "assets/js/app.js",
  filename: "app.min.js",
  dest: "./assets/js/app.min.js"

const jsTask = () => {
  return gulp

gulp.task("serve", function(done) {
    proxy: "ideta.local",
    port: 2010,
    ui: {
      port: 2020
  });, (BuildCSS = () => cssTask()));, (BuildJS = () => jsTask()));


  gulp.series("serve", done => {

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Logan,

If you access the site directly (without BrowserSync proxy) do you get the SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG error?

Also, does this error show in all browsers or only specific browsers?

Hi clay!

No, the site on .local works fine, but that’s really strange, if site hasn’t SSL, it work with BrowserSync, and if i launch a create-react-app or gatsby in port : 8000, it also works fine.

And yes, the issue is in all browsers, even a fresh install of Edge :roll_eyes:


I had the same issue here and solved it simply by changing

proxy: ‘http://mysite.local/


proxy: ‘https://mysite.local/

The error appears some weeks ago, maybe with a new version of local and/or firefox.
it has worked since months/years with proxying “http://” and I can’t explain/understand what happened…

PS : for some compatibility reasons i use node.js v11.15.0 and not the last version, maybe it’s related…

Sorry for my poor english :o)

Thanks Altilev. English is fine!

You solved my issue. I used to use no http or https prefix in browsersync.

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