Error trying to start site that was working yesterday. Uh-oh! Unable to start site

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Uh-oh! Unable to start site

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Tried to start a site that was working just yesterday

System Details

  • Local Version:
    Version 8.1.0+6514

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version:
    Windows 11

Local Logs

local-lightning.log (890.4 KB)

Some background. I recently upgraded local and when I did, the php version for the site was empty. So I selected one of the new version in the drop down and things seemed ok until this morning when I went to run the site I got an uh-oh. I noticed the php version was empty again so I selected the one that was downloaded before, but still getting the error. Looking at PHP logs I see things like this…

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘php_pdo_mysql.dll’ (tried: C:/Users/sleek/AppData/Roaming/Local/lightning-services/php-8.2.10+1/bin/win64/ext\php_pdo_mysql.dll (The specified procedure could not be found)

Looking at that location the file is there, though its a little strange that the last slash in the path is the opppsite direction from the others.

Hi @sleekdigital

If you create a new, blank site in Local can you access that okay? If you can, then you may want to try reimporting the site getting the errors. The steps would look like this:

  • Locate the site files on your machine, and save a copy of them to your desktop. If you click Go to Site Folder under your site name it should take you right to where they are located.
  • Once you have those copied, completely delete the site from Local
  • Restart Local/your machine
  • Reimport the site back into Local. You can refer here on how to Restore from only Local site files

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