Error when editing theme file

I’m new to Local by Flywheel but definitely love the idea of it.

One issue I’m having is that when I try to edit and save a theme file I get the following error message:

“Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP.”

Can anyone help me figure out what this means or what I’m doing wrong?


Hi @mfroeh2,

That’s interesting, we’ll look into possible issues with the WordPress Theme/Plugin editor. To help with our investigation, can you provide a screenshot of the error?

In the meantime, you can edit the theme files directly from your computer like any other .txt file.

If you click on the circled caret (see screenshot below), it will open the site’s folder. Then, browse to app/public/wp-content/themes and you can edit the theme there with your editor of choice.