Errors after I add site

Issue Summary

says local detected a missing dependency.
Missing microsoft visual c++2015-2019 redistributable
If site provisioning fails, please re-run local installer and try again.
I click ok, then another error comes up.
saying unable to provision site.

Error: command failed.
c:/users/spencer/appdata/local programms/local etc, etc.

at childProcess. exithandler (child process. js:304:12)
at childprocess.emit (events.js:225:5)
at childprocess. Eventemitter.emit (domain js:475:20)

If anybody can help please.

Local uses some shared libraries that come with the MS Visual C++ packages. Can you try manually installing them as is mentioned in this similar topic:

Once those have been installed, restart Local and try creating a new site to let us know how it goes!

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