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Existing local site installation - Pages, Articles and Event are not existing


I am working on a redesign of an existing site. I am using Local to change the theme. Also, when I install the current site locally everything is OK.

I had to activate all the plugins but the site is not the same. No content (posts, pages and events) is present. For example, the content of the events database (I use Events Manager) is empty. I tried to import it (again) but without success.

Would you have a solution or some research leads, please?

Thank you

Hello there, welcome to the Local Community! :wave:t3:

Thank you so much for bringing your question here - I’d love to help you uncover the issue.

First & foremost - did you follow the steps on this article to import your site? How to Import a WordPress Site into Local - Local

Specifically - did you also add the sql database file?

It may also be helpful to see a screenshot or a screen share video of the issue if you’d like to share that, too.


Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

Hi Sam,

I try and try again, and still have the same message. Can you please help me?

Thank you

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