Exporting adminer database


I am trying to export my database from my local system to a live hosting account. I’ve moved all my files through filezilla, however am stuck on exporting my database.

I’ve followed instructions > Database > Adminer > Export > Selected all files > Press export. However when I do so, the downloaded file is only 369KB in size and when opened with text wrangler it it just a blank page.

When I look at the files through my local device. Local > app > mySQL > the file in there reads error.log. However, in adminer I can see all the database tables, my site works perfectly on my system and when a live link is generated.

I am truly stuck and would appreciate any advice.

**EDIT: I believe I have found the folders in >app>SQL. However am still having the exact same export problem on adminer.

Hey @DJB1223, Welcome to the Community Forums!

When you are exporting the database how are you saving the file? It’s possible that the file that is created has been compressed and that’s why it appears blank in Text Wrangler.

When you inspect the file using a file explorer, what do you see? Does it have the .sql file extension, or something different?

As for the files that are located within the sql folder – those are the tables that are exported to sql files which you could use to migrate the site to the host, however, you’d have to import each one of them, or combine them all to import it in one operation.

Ideally you would be able to use Adminer’s export functionality, but if it is blank are you able to compress the logs folder for the site so that we can take a look to see if there is any additional information contained within the logs/mysql/error.log file?