Failure to import any site on Local 5.0.6, MySQL errors

I’m starting to really wish I’d just left Local by Flywheel 3 in place instead of trying the faster, better beta this soon.

After successfully importing all my sites except the multisite one (which I mentioned on a different thread), when I was exporting from Local by Flywheel 3.3.0 and importing into Local 5.0.6, I tried exporting from Local 5.0.6 and importing into Local on a different machine. Every time now I’m getting failures, with big error warnings that look like corrupt MySQL along the lines of:

I’m attaching my log here. It doesn’t look like there’s anything dangerous to share in it.

local-lightning.log (83.3 KB)

Also, by unzipping the same exported site, importing the database via Sequel Pro, and dropping the files into place, everything works perfectly. So there’s something going awry in the import process.

This thread could be merged with Importing older sites into Local 5.0.6 does not work which is about the same issue. I initially started that thread thinking the problem was caused by trying to import a multisite installation, but now I think it’s a more widespread problem importing anything that was created in any older version of Local by Flywheel. I updated the title of that thread and would like to focus on that one since it got attention first. I’ve also added a lot more detailed information to help debug.

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